Fees and Health Plans | AndrewHGee@Gmail.com

I prefer to be paid by check or cash at the time of service. If the counselee determines that he/she has insurance coverage that will reimburse for my services (some will, some won't), I can provide statements to the counselee to submit for reimbursement.
Avoiding the complications and compromises of managed care, I am not on any insurance or managed care provider panels. You might want to ask your health care plan administrator if you have an "out-of-network" benefit.

I can offer an adjusted fee based on ability to pay or make a referral to a qualified counselor-in-training providing services under supervision.

Under limited circumstances, I can offer counseling/psychotherapy/supervision/consultation online.  I will respond to e-mail as an initial contact that may lead to making an appointment or to an appropriate referral. 

Note: Email, IM, Skype, or other online communications are not protected from viewing by third parties.